Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday 5: Swimming, Hot and A weekend

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you are all staying cool and having a great summer.  It's Friday 5 time where I recap the week with 5 thoughts and 5 pictures.

5 Thoughts

1. This week was a hot one!  Triple digits!  We get triple digits here, but usually not until August.  In June we are supposed to have our June gloom.  Usually I hate the June gloom as it makes swimming lessons freezing, this year I am wishing it was back.

2.  Ryder finished swimming lessons, he did a great job.  Swimming lessons always make me wish we had a pool so he could keep practicing what he has learned and it sure would be nice to just have one.

3. We did go swimming at a friends house a couple of times this week, though just ask my kids, I don't even get in the pool- much to their dismay, but I don't go for the swimming, I go to visit with the other moms.

4. This weekend was a wonderful one with an anniversary, birthday and father's day.  It was fun having my parents here to celebrate it all.

5. We are going on vacation soon, looking forward to it- just not the packing part of it.

5 Pictures
Grandparents at train park

riding the train

eating breakfast
New York Grill

train tracks


  1. Oh yikes! It gets close to 90 degrees here and that is way too hot for me ha ha. I could not imagine triple digits. However, it did get over 100 degrees when we went to Virginia! They were having thunderstorms that weekend too so the humidity was 100%. Ugh. Love the photos! I hope you had an amazing weekend!

  2. It was 114 degrees with 95% humidity a couple of times in India. I thought I was going to die!