Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Five: A Bad Beginning

Sometimes things don't go quite as planned... just like the beginning of our summer break.  I will tell you all about that in today's Friday 5- where I recap the week with 5 thoughts and 5 pictures.

5 Thoughts

1. Sick kids... our summer has begun with and still has sick kids.  It started with Ryder getting sick several weeks ago, and well it has cycled through us all and back to him again.  Yes, it finally got me too!  This is not the way I expected our summer to start, but I guess better now than when we have company or are going out of town.

2. Lucas missed out on a church river trip since he was sick this week.  He was a bit anxious about going anyway and is going to be gone all next week at Scout Camp, so hoping he is 100% before that.

3. I have definitely adapted to summer, sleeping in until 8:00 almost every day, though being sick has helped that.  But yes, my kids have also already said they are bored.

4. Monday we celebrated Memorial Day with Lourie's family.  They came over for an amazing meal my husband made.  It was so fun seeing them and the food was amazing.

5. On Saturday, when we were actually all feeling mostly well- we had a fun day at a local mini golf course and little ride place.   It was a lot of fun, but also reminded me why I don't think I will ever take my kids to Disney as they are such wimps with lines.

5 Pictures


mini golf

Krispy Kreme Donuts

photo bomb

sick son


  1. Hope the sickness completely goes away quickly!

  2. How can they be bored with all this cool stuff they've been doing?! :) Hope everyone feels much better soon!