Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Five: Vacation Hangover

I am back!  I missed last week's Friday 5 as we were gone on vacation, a double vacation- first for a family reunion with my side, then a quick visit to one of Eric's sisters.   It was a wonderful time and hard to come home.

Before I begin my Friday 5- I realized I never announced the winner for the Barnes & Noble Gift card.   I used and the winner is...

Unfortunately it doesn't look like there are any events happening at my Bellingham location, but I do love to go there to buy new books regardless!

Now for Friday 5

5 Thoughts

1. I have lived in a variety of places, the Midwest, a small town in the mountains, the dessert, and now in Southern California.   I love where we live now, but after visiting my SIL way up north in Washington and seeing how green it was, the slow small town feel, I must of admit it made me really want a change in life.  In reality, I might go a bit crazy in a really small town, but I could definitely see the charm of it.

2. Portland and the area surrounding it really do seem almost like a different world. So green and other world looking.

3. Speaking of Portland, why is the speed limit so slow there?  It was driving us crazy Southern California drivers a bit insane and everyone goes the speed limit!  By the way the signs actually just say "Speed" and not "Speed Limit", it is funny how things are different.

4. We did enjoy some of our SoCal living with a trip to the beach yesterday.  I do love the beach.

5. We actually made it back home in time to see the fireworks in our home town.  We have been out of town on the 4th of July for the past 5 years I think.   They do put on a great show.

5 Pictures
family reunion

selfie on Oregon Beach by waterfall


raspberry picking



  1. YAY, so excited I won!!! Thank you!!! WA is sooo beautiful, isn't it? I totally get sucked into the small town vibes there too, but I know it'd be a bit *too* small for me! :)

  2. Those raspberries look so fresh and delicious!

    I loved reading your thoughts on #1. I thought the exact same thing after visiting my sister in Colorado. I could move there in a heartbeat, but there would be a lot to get used to!

  3. I'm heading up to Oregon next month. I'm excited to go to Portland! But I'm not so excited about driving slow!