Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Five: Fall, Shopping and Sushi

Happy Fall everyone!  The weather has definitely become fall like here, and I love it!  Here is this week's Friday 5.

5 Thoughts

1. It feels like fall here a bit finally, I am loving it.  After the crazy hot weather we had at the beginning of the month, this is a relief.

2. This morning, Alex asked me- should I wear long sleeves, to which I replied, "Yes it is going to be cold today, wear long sleeves."  The high today is 70.  I really have become a California wimp.

3. My mom was in town this week.  She came to help my sister move to her new house.  We had a ton of fun shopping and going out to lunch yesterday.

4. Eric and I ate at an amazing sushi place this weekend for our 'Eating the Alphabet'.  We asked the chef to surprise us with our 5th choice.  Whatever he made was something totally new, as the waiter said he wasn't even sure what it was as he had never seen the chef make it before, it was yummy.

5. Lucas went camping with the scouts again this weekend.  They go camping about once a month.  Thankfully he seems to be enjoying it more and doesn't freak out as much about going.

5 Pictures 

cracking eggs

snickers bar trouble maker


palm trees

scout camping trip


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