Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Five: Donuts, Sunsets and Public Speaking

I almost forgot my Friday 5 today, as this morning definitely did not start as planned.  Here are 5 thoughts and 5 pictures to recap the week.

5 Thoughts

1. Today all the kids woke up the normal time, ate breakfast but then Ryder started saying his stomach hurt.  Laying around crying type hurt.  I got the throw-up bowl ready, almost positive it was going to be utilized.  Got the other two off the school, only for the morning to progress with not only no throw-up, but really questioning why I didn't send Ryder to school.  He is not a faker, never has been, so I truly think something was hurting his stomach this morning, but he totally could have went to school.  I think that is often one of the hardest calls as a parent, when to send them and when to keep them home.

2. Alex's soccer season started off great with two wins for her team.  I really do hope they have a great season as they are such a great group of girls.

3. We actually got back to eating the alphabet this month, we are cutting it close for finishing it this year.  It really has been such a fun experience though!

4. This last Saturday I had a photo shoot at the beach, Alex came with to be my assistant and keep me company on the ride out there.  I think if we lived closer to the beach I would be out there almost every evening just to watch the sunset.

5. This weekend I am speaking in church.  I really don't mind it, and over the years have become more and more comfortable with it.  One of the congregations I am speaking in is actually a Tongan Congregation though, most do speak English, but part of the service is in Tongan, so that will be very different.

5 Pictures

sunset over ocean

eating out lunch

mother daughter at beach

cracking eggs


  1. Those donuts look SO delicious! Yum!

    What is Tongan?!

  2. It is so tough to figure out whether your kids need to stay home or not. I definitely second guessed my decision before!
    Love your 5 pictures. The sunset made me miss the beach!

    1. Yes! So easy to second guess and sure enough if I had sent him, he would have been too sick for sure