Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ten Things to Smile About This Month

Ddi you realize that yesterday was the last Tuesday in the month?  Apparently I did not, so my 10 Things to Smile about is a day late, but better late than never.

Ten Things to Smile About in September

1. Alex being student of the month
proud parents

2. Eric being ordained a High Priest, and his parents coming back into town for it!
mother and son

3. Starting off the soccer season with wins!  A few ties, but no losses!

4. Donuts after soccer games-especially from one of the best donut places in California!

5. Lots of dates with Eric as we actually got back to eating the alphabet.

6. Watching the sunset on the beach
sunset over ocean

7. Shopping with my mama while she was in town.  We had a ton of fun trying on and buying some new clothes.

8. Seeing Ryder finally develop a real love of reading and choosing to read on his own.
reading a book

9. Helping my sister move into her new house which also happens to mean she is closer than she used to be!

10. Going to the first session of General Conference with my daughter, and the fact that the rest of it will begin this month!  Seriously watch it with me this weekend!  (Find more info on
watching LDS Conference with my daughter

What made you smile this month? 

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