Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tips For After School Routine

We all know that time, when the kids first get home from school, bags and papers everywhere, kids usually saying they are hungry, some wanting a break, some having activities to go to; it can become a chaotic time.  How can you make the after school time run more smoothly?   Here are my tips for making the after school routine a little more pleasant.

tips for an easy after school routine

1. Get Your Own Stuff Done
   As a parent our lists are never done, but when our kids get home, wanting to tell us about their day- we need to be available to listen.  Taking even a few minutes to sit and talk to your kids when they first get home can make a huge difference.

2. Have a Place For School Work
  -Those pile of papers that the kids bring home, some which can be thrown away, some which need to be saved, some which have to be filled out and returned to school- what do you do with all of those papers?

-You should have a designated "In-box", a spot where all of those papers can be placed, that when you have a few minutes you can sit and go through.  The key is to go through this in-box nightly, or while your kid are having a break, and work through the papers until it is empty, otherwise things will get missed.

3. Break or No Break 
   Some kids truly need a break when they get home, a chance to unwind and decompress.  Others do  better if they get right to homework while still focused and then play.
after school snacks
My daughter often likes to get right to homework so she can then just have free time 
You are the best judge of your own child and what they need, the key is to be consistent.  If they have a break, a time limit needs to be established.  If they are going right to work, there should be a spot ready for them to start their homework.  The key is consistency.

4. Refuel Their Bodies
   Dinner can sometimes seem a long ways off after school, and after a day of hard work they often are truly hungry and thirsty.  The key is to give them healthy snacks, but not too many as you want them to still eat a good dinner.

I am so excited about Welch's BRAND NEW product, 100% Juice with Coconut Water.
welch's grape juice

This new juice has 30% less sugar with these other great benefits.

**30% Less Sugar
**Vitamin C
**2 Servings of Fruit
**USA Grown Grapes

My kids, especially my boys, aren't always the best fruit eaters, but a glass of Welch's Grape Juice is 2 servings of fruit, so I feel good knowing I am getting a little more fruit in them this way.  

after school routines

Now I know I am refueling them, letting them have something they love and can feel good doing it.

I found the Brand New Welch's Grape Juice at my local Walmart.
Welch's Coconut Grape juice

*-*Make sure to check out Welch's website so you know where you can buy this new product.*-*

Every afternoon is definitely not perfect, but with these tips things can run a lot more smoothly.  What is your best after school routine tip?


  1. Love that their are helthier juice options like this for kids these days

    1. Yes! They love juice, so it definitely helps me feel better about letting them have it

  2. Coconut water is so good! I love it.

  3. This juice sounds so delish! Love those pineapple cups too.

  4. Loving all these tips! :) I try to get all my stuff done before the little one gets home from school, but that doesn't always happen. I try though...

  5. These tips are great! My little one isn't old enough for this yet, but I love the idea of this kind of routine for her when she is.