Thursday, October 26, 2017

A Grown Up Birthday

When you're a grown-up, birthdays just aren't the same.  As a child you cannot wait for your next birthday, often with a mile long list of presents you hope for, a long list of all the friends you want to invite over to your amazing birthday party that your parents regret saying you can have.

As an adult, well... life can get in the way.

This year my birthday fell on a Wednesday.  Wednesdays aren't the busiest days of the week in our house (Tuesday hold that honor), but none-the-less, it is busy.

This particular Wednesday not only meant soccer practice for Alex, but a Public Affairs meeting for me.  In other words, the whole evening I would not be home.  No birthday celebration for me.

Thankfully, my kids and husband didn't leave me totally hanging and we began the celebration on Sunday.

Sunday my husband made an amazing meal of cedar planked smoked salmon, twice baked potatoes and bacon wrapped brussel sprouts-- another evidence this is not a kid party as I actually like brussel sprouts.  It was amazing!
smoked salmon dinner

It was topped off with a delicious and adorable birthday cake that Alex made and decorated for me.
decorating a cake
birthday cake for mom

She did an amazing job and it was so yummy.
candles on cake

I also got to open my presents Sunday night, maybe being an adult isn't so bad.  I got a new set of dishes, and some gift cards for clothes and an iTunes gift card to be able to purchase "a handful of coins" on some of my favorite iPad games guilt free.

The celebration continued on Tuesday when my friends arranged a breakfast brunch for me at Mimi's Cafe.  Very yummy breakfast food and wonderful friends to spend the morning with.
birthday lunch at Mimi's

birthday card and flowers

Then finally on my actual birthday... well I sat around in a 86 degree house waiting for our AC to be repaired.  Okay, it wasn't 86 until bedtime, but yes adulting... never much fun.   That night at my meeting though, they did make a delicious treat and sing me happy birthday.

While a grown-up birthday might not be filled with a mile long list of presents or huge elebarote birthday parties, and life may be so busy that you can't even celebrate on your birthday.... even despite all that being a grown up isn't so bad.

What did you do for your last birthday?

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