Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday Five: Birthdays, Fires and Boots

It's the Friday before Halloween- are you ready for it?  My kids have their costume, we have lots of candy, so I think we are good to go.  Here is this week's Friday 5

5 Thoughts

1. It was a crazy and fun birthday week.  It was definitely a week as on my actual birthday I didn't even celebrate very much.  But had wonderful celebrations and great friends and family to support me.

2. It is definitely easy to take things for granted.. like air conditioning.  When we woke up on my birthday and it was two degrees hotter than what we had the AC set for, we knew we were in trouble. By the end of the day it was 86 in the house, as of course it was a 100 degrees that day.  A whole new air conditioner and life is nice and cool again.

3. This week was also exciting, in a not so good way, as there was a brush fire really close to our house.  It completely shut down the highways by our house, which meant all of the highway traffic was on roads by our house.  Getting to school and back was a nightmare.  Thankfully they quickly got it out and no homes or structures were damaged.  It was scary as there were 30 mph winds that day, so it could have easily gotten out of control.

4. I did some early birthday shopping for Alex the other day, this time of year is just crazy with lots of birthdays and then Christmas.  We have a lot of family come for Thanksgiving, so should be fun and crazy.

5. I am loving that all of the Fall shows are back on, like This is Us and Stranger Things!  We started watching The Good Doctor-- so good!  Definitely watch it!

5 Pictures
Five Guys
My boys laughed like 5-year-olds at the name of this Farm

eggs Benedict
My birthday brunch at Mimi's
traffic from fire
Traffic that was diverted from the freeway because of the fires
just fab boots

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