Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Giving The Shirt Off Your Back

This morning I gave the shirt off my back, literally, and it cost me.  It cost me a lot.

Let me back up.

Today is Halloween.  A day filled with parties, costumes and way too much candy.  It is all Orange and Black day at our elementary school.   Gone are the days of dressing up in your costume and the costume parades, instead they can wear orange and black Halloween shirts.

I have my one Halloween shirt with three cute little pumpkins that I wear once a year.

Alex had a shirt last year, Ryder did too... Ryder's shirt still fits him.  Alex's apparently did not as we got rid of it during our summer closet clean out.  Only I forgot that.

So this morning, when we went to look for her orange and black shirt she did not have one.  Orange isn't really a color red heads wear a lot, so not only did she not have her Halloween shirt, but no orange shirts at all.

I gave her the shirt off my back.  The one I was already wearing that morning.

Off she went to school as happy as can be.

I decided I would run to the store to buy a new orange and black shirt for myself so that I could be ready for the day and helping out in my kid's classroom parties this afternoon.

I went out to the car, phone in hand when somehow I bumped my arm and my phone went flying.  Landing hard on the concrete driveway.

I hurried and grabbed my phone, the damage was done, the screen was shattered.  Did I mention I am getting a new phone on FRIDAY!  Yes, just days away from a new phone.  I texted Eric in a panic, asking him if I should go to the Apple Store, as I am selling this phone to my sister-in-law.

He set the earliest appointment for me, on Thursday, but I went over to the store anyway hoping for a miracle.

Now as I sit here typing this, my screen is being replaced and will be done at 12:30, for the cost of $149.

This morning, when I gave the shirt off my back, well it ended up costing me dearly.  But I would gladly do it again, as I would sacrifice anything for my children.

Next time I'm just not going to drop my phone in the process.

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