Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Five: Honor Roll, Date Nights and Motherhood

Happy Friday everyone!  Are you all ready for Thanksgiving?  Here is this week's Friday 5.

5 Thoughts

1. Life sometimes takes you on interesting paths and journeys and the timing is often rarely what you want it to be.  But with faith and courage, things usually work out how they are supposed to.

2. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week!  We have family coming into town and will have a very full house, but I am so excited.

3. This week was the trimester awards assembly.  Ryder and Alex both got the highest awards.  Alex has a perfect 4.0 and made Principal's Honor Roll.  Lucas got to attend a Principal's Honor Roll Breakfast at the middle school this week.

4. I photographed my good friend Amanda's family this week and miraculously turned around her whole gallery in record time.  I wanted to get it done before family comes into town on Sunday though.

5. Tonight Eric and I are going with some other couples to an Escape Room.  I am so excited and hope we are successfully.

5 Pictures
date night

helping dad cook

mother and daughter

school awards

mother and son

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