Thursday, November 9, 2017

Halloween 2017

I am doing a little Throw Back Thursday to a little over a week ago to Halloween, as I never shared our pictures on the blog.

This year Lucas didn't really dress up.  He did 'dress up' for our Trunk-or-Treat, wearing lots of rings and metal bracelets to store his energy (i.e. a character from a Brandon Sanderson book), but I had a mom fail and did not even take any pictures that night!

We finally carved our pumpkins Sunday afternoon.  Ryder was the only kid brave enough to clean out the guts of out his pumpkin.  Everyone actually craved their own this year too, with a little help from Mom and Dad.
dad and kids and pumpkins

family with carved pumpkins

Ryder has been planning his design for at least six months now, with the upside down face.
upside down pumpkin

Eric, after being prompted by Lucas did half a face.
half a face pumpkin

Alex and I both made our pumpkins from a design
scary face pumpkin

mummy pumpkin

And Lucas had the Yay-- which is so him.
words on pumpkin

This year Alex dressed up as a Dark Countess and Ryder as a Ninja.  Ironically we actually had that ninja costume from Alex a few years ago, but forgot and bought one for Ryder. 
Halloween kid costumes
Countess costume
dark countess
It was a fun Halloween and I actually had a lot of fun handing out candy with Lucas.

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