Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Week of Lasts

Today it hit me.. the reality of it all.  I think I have been living in denial a bit.  We are moving in less than a week.

This is a week of lasts.

My kids last day of school.

Our last time attending our local church ward.

Our last time enjoying the warm California Winter weather.

Our last time having the kids come down the stairs in this house Christmas morning.

This morning, it hit Lucas hard.  He is having a wonderful school year and has made some great friends this year.  Today being, the last day of school here is not easy.  Once it hit him, that is when my bubble burst and the reality of it all hit me too.

I truly do believe this move is the right thing for our family... but today, today it is just hard.  Today is going to be kind of a sad day.  As I tell my kids, it is okay to feel sad about the move, it is okay to be nervous about it, and even a little scared; but we must also never forget that we know it is what is right for our family, and while that doesn't take the sadness away, it can be that little glimmer of peace and hope.

Soon we will have a week of firsts.

Our first snowfall.

First days at new schools.

First time meeting new friends and neighbors.

First time starting new traditions in our new home.

And we will do it together as a family, as that is what we do.

To this week of lasts, you truly are so bittersweet- but we will endure, we will enjoy, we will cry a little and maybe a lot, but in the end we will come out strong and ready for new adventures.

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  1. Super bittersweet! Mark and I are facing some decisions right now that are stressing us out. This post made me actually feel a little better :)