Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Ten Things to Smile About This Month

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Today is the last Tuesday of the month, which means it is time for Ten Things to Smile About this Month.  It is very appropriate that this list is falling today, as today is also our last day in California, kind of feels like a closure.

10 Things To Smile About This Month

1. Remembering the meaning for the season and participating in the our church's Living Nativity one last time.
Living Nativity 2017-Sunday_0056

2. Being able to find an amazing home in one weekend, it was a crazy weekend, but we are excited about the new adventures.

3. Belated friend Birthday dinner and movie for Alex and her best friend, also became a farewell dinner, since we are moving.

4. Having my parents and my MIL here to help pack.  They were all so amazing and I never could have done it without them.

5. Extended family!

6. Watching Alex perform her solo in her Christmas Concert!
grandparents and granddaughter

7. Christmas Eve Pajamas
Christmas Eve Pajamas

8. This picture of my family
silly family picture

9. Having family over for an amazing meal of Prime Rib that Eric made on Christmas Eve.

10. Christmas!!
Christmas Day

What made you smile this month?

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  1. Love the goofy picture of your family, and the Christmas photo of the kids. Love their expressions!