Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Finding Unique Gifts

--This post is written on behalf of UnCommon Goods.  All feelings and opinions are my own--

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, finding the perfect gift may be on your mind.  Or maybe you don't do the whole V-day thing, but there will most likely be a time that you are looking for the perfect gift for someone.

We all have that person in our life who is hard to buy for, the one who has everything, or is just really picky.   That is why I love Sunny, the Expert Gift Guide at Uncommon Goods.

Uncommon Goods has a ton of unique gifts, and Sunny makes it possible for you to search by interests.

You start by saying who the gift is for and if they are a baby, kid, teen, etc.

Then you pick from a list of things they are into and it gives you a great list of unique gifts.  For every item you star, it will then help refine your list and show similar items.

I searched for my teen son, who is into reading, math, science, gaming-- just all kinds of nerdy stuff, and I love these glasses
We all have our own water cups we like to use, and sometimes his will get used by other people, so if he had one of these, we would all know it is his. 

I was honestly amazed at the variety of gifts, and so many unique things.  Plus you can just search the old fashioned way by categories, like home decor

I think this may become a go to site for me for looking for unique ideas.  In just a few minutes, I had a page with several things I could get my son for his birthday or Christmas.  

I also picked out some things for my husband, (don't miss the Valentine's Day Gift For Husbands or for you men Valentine's Day Gifts for Wives) but I don't want to show them here as I would give away the gift I am going to get him!   And I may have even found a few things I want...

Where do you find unique gift ideas for those hard to buy for people? 

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