Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Five: DMV, Eating the Alphabet, Valentines Day

Happy Friday everyone!  It is a holiday weekend for most, do you have any fun plans?  Here is my week in 5 Thoughts and 5 Pictures

5 Thoughts

1. We actually got some snow again this week, not much and it melted before the day was over, but fun to watch it snow.

2. We had our Fancy Family Valentine Dinner- it was a bit different this year, partly from being in a new house.  I will share pictures next week.

3. It was Parent Teacher Conference week for the middle school.  Lucas is doing great and all of his teachers really seem to like him.  I am so grateful he is doing well with the move in the middle of the year.  It definitely has not always been easy, but now things are going good.

4. We started eating the alphabet again!  I had to meet Eric at lunch to get the Charger registered, so then we went out to lunch and went to an A restaurant so we could start again.  We will definitely have to play catch up at some point as we are way behind now, but I am excited we are doing it again.

5. Last Saturday, Eric and I went out to dinner and then to a Valentine's Dance with Eric's parents.  It was so much fun and I forgot how long it has been since we have been dancing.  Definitely made us realize how out of practice we are, but also how much fun it is.  We want to take a dance class together.

5 Pictures
all dressed up

cousins at dinner

Valentine Cookies

empty DMV



  1. I keep hearing rumor that we should get some snow this weekend, but I am not holding my breath even though I am hoping for it! Sounds like you have had a wonderful week and that things are settling in!

    1. Thanks! Yes, we ended up getting a lot this weekend, which ended up being crazy as we had a long road trip for a soccer tournament for Alex

  2. That last photo is an awesome food photo! And the photo of you and Eric, it took me a minute to find your foot that is raised. I don't know why :).