Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday Five: Snow, Zion, Soccer

Happy Friday everyone!  Are you watching the Olympics?  Buried in snow like we are?  Hope you have a fun weekend planned.

5 Thoughts

1. Snow- that could sum up our week.  We have had the most mild winter, and now- well it is trying to come in all it's glory.

2. Alex had a soccer tournament in St. George, a usually very warm and even hot place, on her game Monday morning, it snowed during the game!  We could not believe it.  The snow made it awful for getting home that day.  What would have usually been about a 3 hour drive home (from Cedar City where we were staying), became close to a  7 hour drive.

3. They didn't do that good in the tournament but Alex did great and had an awesome save on a penalty shot.

4. I have been having fun watching the Olympics, have not got much done all week, but hey they only come around every four years, so it's all good.

5. This weekend we also went to Zion's National Park. I had never been there.  It was awesome and luckily not snowing the day we went, in fact the weather was perfect.  It truly is amazing and inspiring all of the different types of landscapes and nature in the world.

5 Pictures
Zions National Park

silly selfies

road trip

snow covered patio furniture



  1. So does it feel weird to type buried in snow? Just asking :). And when did Lucas get braces?

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  3. I'd love to see more of your pictures from Zion National Park! I can't wait to make it there myself someday!