Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Five: Plumbers, Book Club and Snow

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Did you think I wasn't going to do my Friday 5 today?   It is a late start, but here it is

5 Thoughts

1. It is a late start because well Friday's are late starts.  The middle school starts late and the grade school gets out early.  Really does throw off the entire day.  Plus today a plumber came over to talk about what things need to get done so we can finish the bathroom in the basement.  Luckily my father-in-law was here, as he definitely can talk shop better than I can.  It will be nice for the boys to have their own bathroom instead of using ours.

2. I had book club last night.  We read The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead, it was really good and definitely a good Book Club book with lots to talk about.   I hosted and had lots of snacks and goodies, I love party foods!

3. This week at church for the youth we had a get to know your game.  Lucas did not want to participate and literally left, just wandering around the hallways.  Afterwards, he said he realized he should have come in.... baby steps.  He truly is doing overall so good and a totally different person than when he was little and suffered from so much anxiety.

4. We were supposed to get a major snow storm this weekend, but now it seems like it is just going to all be rain.  It kind of makes me sad, but it is March, so winter should be coming to an end. I am sure I will get my snow fill next winter.

5. Our house is almost all set up, we still have some boxes in the garage and pictures that need to be hung, but it definitely feels like home.

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