Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fight for the Star!

Growing up my family had an advent calendar to count the days until Christmas. There were 6 kids and we all wanted to put the star up. In fact it almost became a battle. The kids would try and figure out what order we should start, oldest first or youngest first to ensure they would get to put up the star. The star would often mysteriously appear in other pockets than the 24th. When my older siblings were in college they would come home for Christmas and would jump into hanging up the ornaments, once again assuring that they would be the one to hang up the star. I now realized that being the fifth out of six, mathematically I never had the chance to get the star as 5 just does not divide into 24.
Last year I made an advent calender for my kids just like the one I had growing up (though mine uses velcro instead of pins--a little more kid friendly that way). This year when we got out our calendar Lucas naturally wanted to go first. He started looking at the calendar and asked who was going to be able to hang up the star. When I told him Alex as she was the even numbers, his story suddenly changed and he wanted Alex to go first and be the odds!

Once again the battle for the star has begun!


  1. We are totally going to have the problem too. Our advent calendar is a manger scene. Ethan will never get to open the baby Jesus because he'll always open on the 13th for his birthday. This could cause grief in a few years. :)

  2. Cool effect on the picture of Lucas. It doesn't even look like it is a photograph.

  3. You just now did the math to figure out that you mathematically you had no chance? We must have so overwhelmed you with who starts when and the like you decided to stay out of it. I remember doing the math when I was little and figuring out that 24 was divisible by 3 and there was a chance and what had to be done.

    I also remember debating over which was the best, the star or the angel. This was of course after I had placed the angel into one of my spots and claimed that the angel had to be put on the top of the tree.

  4. Yes, that is right, I forgot about the angel fight! That always caused even more issues.