Thursday, January 15, 2009

The friends we choose....

How is it that we get the friends we have? When I was little it was all about location. The girl that lived across the street and the one that was two doors down became my friends. We would walk right over to each others houses and spend most of the day at one home or the other. There was also a boy our age that lived a few houses down... but well I was little--boys had cooties.

As time passed I got in a fight with the girl from across the street. We were never friends again after that.... So it was the girl from two doors down. I did go to other friends houses that lived close too.. ones I probably met in school and got invited to their birthday parties.

After 6th grade something happened, my best friend from two doors down moved to the other side of town and I began Junior High. Suddenly there were lots of new people from the other elementary schools... suddenly location wasn't quite as important. Then I was friends with people in my classes and friends with people in band. It was during junior high that I met, but did not yet really become friends with, the one friend from high school who I have really kept in touch with.

Then we left the junior high world for high school. Now there were chances for even more extra curricular activities and more friends.

All of this time I also belonged to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So I had my church friends. Growing up in Illinois there were not too many of us, so most of the church friends lived far away... but we would still get together. So church and school...

Now the question is how do adults make friends?? I have always had an easy time and have had immediate friendships thanks to my church. We move, and boom, there are more people with similar beliefs and life styles so friends. I often wondered what I would do without the church. In Durango I would always take Lucas to the park. I would talk with the other moms there and we would be friendly then go on our ways. It was not until litterally weeks before we were to leave Durnago that one of the mom's I was talking with invited me to join their play group. All I know is if this had been my only outlet, two years is a long time to not have any friends!

As we have once again moved, I once again have the church and many wonderful ladies who are friendly. This time I also have family close by, including a great cousin-in-law who has a little boy who has quickly become best friends with Lucas. I have fun visiting with these people and am so greatful for the playmate for Lucas.... but it makes me also miss those few friends who I have met and held onto over the years. There truly are only a handful that have withstood the test of time.... and to them I am grateful.

As I read this it almost seems like I am ending on a sad note and I don't want it that way... I guess I am just in one of those reflective moods and using my blog to vent it. So thanks for reading :)

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