Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So quiet now

Well we just got back from the airport dropping off Grandma and Grandpa. Vacations ending are sometimes bitter sweet, but this one, at least for us is just sad. We had so much fun and were not ready for them to go. On the way home Lucas asked, "When are we going to invite them to our house again. I want to invite them now."
It was a wonderful visit and I know I greatly appreciate how when they come the dishes seem to magically get done, the kids are entertained almost non-stop, and I truly just enjoy visiting with them.

So now we are here alone ready to get back into the routine of things... but I don't want to get in a rut (the reason I started the what I did for my kids section a while back).
We did have some good news though, Alex does not have ANY allergies! Yeah for being able to eat chocolate. So the rash she sometimes gets is still a mystery, but at least she doesn't have to be deprived of wonderful chocolate her whole life.

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