Sunday, January 11, 2009

Glad I didn't get sick!

Yesterday we spent a wonderful day at a place called Tom's Farm. It is a cute little farm with a train ride, merry-go-round and then the typical carnival rides. When I was little I loved all of these! The faster the better, it was fun to come off a ride with your head spinning. As I have gotten older and now especially since having kids something in my body has changed. I still love roller coasters, but the Tilt-a-Wirls, NO THANK YOU!
The trouble is, Alex is big enough to ride on a lot of rides WITH an adult.... so Eric and I draw starts over who wants to get sick for the benefit of the kids.
Oh the joys of being a parent!
Alex loved it! Until it started going backwards.

Lucas went on this ride three times.

We all enjoyed the giant slide... no upset tummies from this one.

Merry-go-rounds are fun!

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  1. That looks like so much fun. We went to a carnival last spring and Ethan was scared of everything except the merri-go-round, Todd and I got sick going on that 15 times!