Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hope it's not chocolate!

So I have been trying to deny it.... there have been signs since Alex was little. But it could be anything right?? You see when Alex was little and I was nursing her... if I was having a bad day (or a good day depending on how you look at it) and indulged in a little more chocolate than usual Alex would be fussy and gassy and it would seem to bother her. One piece here and there didn't do much, but any more than that and it seemed to affect her.
I tried to figure out what else I was eating that might be causing it, but in the end there didn't seem to be anything else. So I got good at not eating too much, dealing with her crabbiness just wasn't worth it.
Well, one day Alex had a little rash on her tummy. I thought maybe she got sick and would soon get a worse rash. But after a bit it would go away. And then many many days down the road she would get another. Same spot, same look.... I thought maybe it was berries, especially strawberries. But the more I tried to figure it out and the more I paid attention the more it seemed like it might just be chocolate.
So today she had blood drawn to check for allergies. Which I must tell you she did miraculously well, she did not move/flinch make a peep the entire time! I have no idea why or how but it was seriously a miracle!
So we will just wait and see.... if it is, I guess no more No bake cookies, no more fudge, no more Reeses peanut Butter cups.... well none that she knows about anyways ;)


  1. Yikes, good luck with this! At least if she is allergic, chocolate is pretty easy to avoid, and it's not a daily staple or anything. let me know what happens!!

  2. of all the things to be allergic to... it would be seriously tragic.