Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who's is it?

We have been having a wonderful visit with my parents. We have been able to see new things practically in our backyard that we have not yet taken the time to see. One of the new things is the Preserve that is located close to my house. My family has driven around it but never had the chance to go the visitor center.

While in the visitor center we learned about some of the wildlife that inhabits the area but they told us most likely we would not see any, however we may see some tracks and we may see their droppings! To help you know what type of animal had been there, there was a display of plastic droppings. Let's just say they were extremely realistic. And even better yet, they handed us a paper that on one side had pictures of animal footprints and on the other side pictures of animal droppings. I must admit we found this all a bit amusing.

So we started off on the trails, and sure enough we found some droppings... and sure enough we got out our paper to identify what animal had been there. It is quite an amusing thing to see a group of people standing around a pile of, well... poop, trying to identify who left it behind.

My sister and my daughter trying to identify the latest poop

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  1. Well, at least you didn't have a "crappy" time. Hehe!!! :)