Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting Lost

There is nothing quite as wonderful as getting lost in a good book, curled up on the couch wrapped in a fuzzy blanket.

One that you can't put down and want to hurry to find out what happens next but you don't dare rush as you don't really want it to be over.

One that makes you smile, laugh, and even feel a little sad and well just down right mad at times!

One where your mind you can picture exactly what the people look like and exactly what is happening (though someone else probably has a whole different picture).

My sister-in-law recently recommended a book on her blog that she said she could not put down. As much as I wanted to read it, I though it best that I didn't as I know how lost I can get.

Well I got it anyways. It is a good thing I have finished it so I can stop ignoring my children and husband and come back to reality.

If you want to get lost in your own little world for a couple of days, then pick up These is My Words by Nancy E. Turner.

Picture courtesy of my sister-in-laws blog. Thanks!


  1. I'm really glad you liked it. I just loved it too.

    You do realize there is a sequel don't you?!?!? I just got it at the library yesterday. It's called Sarah's Quilt.

    Happy Reading. :)

  2. I was hoping and thinking there should be.. as there was some stuff left at the end that they did not answer. Guess I had better go reserve that one!

  3. Ummm...these is my words is my NUMBER ONE favorite book!!!! I love it sooo much!