Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kids Books

Today's book is one of many that I love from this author. I also chose this one this week as my mother-in-law, who is visiting, had a great experience with Lucas and this story.

This week's book is Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton. She has many many stories with cute pictures and wonderful rhymes and they are funny! Funny silly stories with surprises that makes even the parents giggle.
Following is part of the rush write my mother-in-law wrote about Lucas, who at the time was 3.
"Lucas", Mimi said, "Tell me a story."
To her surprise, Lucas began immediately.
"Blue Hat, Green Hat, Red Hat, Opps!" He laughed and described a bird standing in a hat.
"That's why it said Oops, Grandma!"
"Red Shirt, Blue, Shirt Yellow, Shirt, Opps!"
"There is a turkey wearing his shirt up-side-down!" Lucas told Mimi.

Mimi thought he was such a clever boy. How in the world could he make up such a cute story right off the top of his head? [Lucas continued saying the rest of the story at this point] ..... Suddenly it dawned on Mimi that Lucas was quoting a book.
Her books truly are wonderful and so fun to read. Sandra has so many great stories, even songs to go with the stories. Eric and I even swung dance to Pajama Time for a ward talent show! Just for kicks here are four of my other favorites:


  1. Our kids love that book too. Read it to them and they all laugh and say OOPS!! with a lot of emphasis. That probably came from Shelley and I hitting the OOPS! in a high emphasized voice to make it funnier.

  2. We have a few of her books as well. None that you have listed. There's one all about animal sounds, an alphabet one...I am sure they in that pile of books somewhere. haha.

  3. The Going to Bed Book is definitely a favorite around here. I love Sandra Boynton, and I love that her books are board books. They last a lot longer with two little ones than regular books.

  4. When my second kid was two, we would read 'Blue Hat Green Hat' every day and he would crack up like nobody's business. It was awesome. We love that book.