Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kids Books

This week's book is a lot about nostalgia for me. When I was young, I loved the Berenstain Bear books by Stan and Jan Berenstain. Something about a fully functioning house in a tree just seemed magical to me. I think one of my favorites growing up was Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday. Maybe it was because I dreamed of having so many treats and treasures at my birthday party but realized it was probably good they weren't this way.
This week's book, The Berenstain Bears Go To School, has extra meaning to me. My oldest is going to be starting kindergarten in almost 100 days (hence my countdown on the side). I must admit and I am so excited and yet completely dreading this. Lucas tends to have anxiety over transitions and changes, it's a lot better than it used to be, but we still prep him for changes a lot. He was beginning to feel nervous about school. I found this book amongst our collection and read it to him.

It tells how Sister Bear was worried about starting school but once she went she loved it and her fears were resolved. After I read this book Lucas was saying, "I want to go to school." "Will I get to ride a bus?" And would show his little sister his school whenever we went past it. So this book did just what I believe the authors intended and helped calm a lot of fears of a great little kid.
The Berenstain Bears Go To School made school something to be excited about


  1. I love the berenstains books, I have two favorites the one with the new bed and the scout one. They really do help kids make transitions. Thanks for stopping by my blog I will be back to check your. Lydia

  2. O, i remember that book! It's been so long since I have read it. It was one of my favs growing up.

  3. We love the Berenstain Bears books. I grew up reading them and the Aurthur books and now my kids watch their shows.

    I took my oldest to kidergarten last year and no matter what people told me, it was rough. I walked him to class till he begged me to stop half-way through the year. It was for sure harder on me then it was on him.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We enjoy Berenstain Bears also. Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers really helped us out. I'm glad your son is starting to get excited for school. You should talk to the school and see if they'll let him come to a tour while classes are still in session.

  5. thank you for your nice comment. :)
    Your kids are adorable! (oh and I was raised on Berenstain Bear books. Love em!)