Thursday, April 30, 2009

Too Cute To Resist!

yesterday I bought something at the store
solely because it was cute

we weren't at the mall
we weren't even at one of the big box stores
we were at the grocery store

it wasn't one of those irresistible
end-of-the-row displays

it was right in the middle of the row

of pasta...

but look how little and cute it is!

wasn't even sure if it was rice or pasta
(it's pasta)
but it was just so little and cute
and on sale of course

could you resist?

even with my weakness between coupons
and sales I spent $50.48 and saved $86.36
so it's okay!


  1. Ooo! Orzo is the most delicious tiny pasta! :) It's kind of like cous cous but fatter

  2. I have had a few really yummy orzo dishes. Let me know if you want any recipes! Your couponing always impresses me too.

  3. You will find a very good recipe here:

    This is a link to Todd's sister's blog. She always cooks yummy stuff!

  4. haha! that's hilarious. i love orzo. it's so yummy in cold pasta salads. that reminds me that i need to eat lunch!! i forgot - yikes!

  5. I need you to teach me about coupons!!! we are driving to pheonix as I typeth and it's given me time to think about how much I could be saving!!! hoping my child stays asleep while stop for gas...dang, guess that's all for now,can't wait to check on your blog when I have a computer screen not .y small little phone view;-) wish me luck, we're not even halfway to pheonix....sigh

  6. And your looking so lovingly at it too...

  7. Thanks everyone for the nice comments and great recipe Rachel!
    And to think Eric made fun of me when I told him about the cute little box of pasta :)

  8. I love orzo! It is part of rice pilaf that I used to eat from the old Costco as a kid! So yummy. I love making it with chicken and balsamic dressing or creamy Cesar dressing.