Friday, May 1, 2009

Bed Time Routine

"Introducing regular routines into your child's life as soon as possible will help to acclimate him or her to being on a schedule. Routine serves to put stability into a child's life." September 05, 2006 by
We have a bedtime routine. It includes things such as going potty, getting on pajamas, reading scriptures, saying prayers, brushing teeth, all of which I help with. But at some point the job of actually putting the kids to bed shifted to my husband (trust me I am not complaining).

Eric and Lucas' bed time routine has become more and more... well we will say elaborate. There are things, all somewhat of a mystery to me, called "Three and a Bonus", "Stuck" and the new favorite "Stumpy". And yes these weird sounding names are not exactly quiet activities. "Three and a Bonus" I believe involves Lucas leaping off his bed onto Eric, then Eric tossing him back onto his bed. They do this three times and then a bonus, hence the name.

When we lived in Mesa, one night I heard giggling coming from Lucas room, nothing unusual when Eric is putting him to bed. Then suddenly I heard a thud. Then the crying began. "Oh no, I knew someone would get hurt" I thought in my I told you so motherly way. Then some of the crying stopped and I heard Lucas say: "It's okay Daddy, don't cry, I am okay." Eric felt horrible and was terrified for a moment as to how he may have hurt Lucas since his head left a nice little round indent in the dry wall.

The other night we had yet another accident from the bedtime routine. After Lucas is tucked in he always wants a "tiny tiny tiny" bit of water. While Eric goes to get this for him, Lucas likes to hide somewhere in his room. Eric then plays along "Oh no! Where did Lucas go?" At which point Lucas jumps out to scare daddy. The other night Lucas hid to the side of his dresser. When he jumped out his leg got caught in the cord of his lamp and the lamp came crashing down right on his head. The boy survived the lamp did not.

So yes, we have a bed time routine. What is your bedtime routine?


  1. It sure can be dangerous to be kid going to bed! ;) I'll have to tell you Ethan's bedtime routine someday. It's very extensive too. . . and EXACTLY the same every night. Glad Lucas didn't get hurt.

  2. Oh, the bedtime routines. And all you want is for them to fall asleep so you can sit on the couch and watch TV.

    Every night, my nine-year-old son asks me to tell him a story from when I was in in high school or college. I have to be creative because so many of these stories aren't quite appropriate for a nine year old. You know what I mean?

  3. Routine?! haha... we used to be so good... then we didn't... now we kind of do. Dinner. Movie. Sleep. Yah - we're an all American family. Thanks for coming by my blog! It always nice go see a new face!

  4. I used to read to them as part of their bedtime, but not so anymore. School really changes things. There's homework, science projects, plays, etc. Our routine is this:
    Ryan: snack and a show during the girls homework time. He goes to bed right around the time they finish.
    Kristin and Emily: Snack and a show or two or they play. Then they are off to bed. Of course all their bed times include teeth brushing, chatting, and prayers.

  5. That's awesome!!! Somehow when daddy gets the kids to bed, they seem to giggle a lot more than when I do... But I wouldn't have it any other way.

  6. One of our routines is bigs and littles. We give big hugs and big kisses, then little hugs and little kisses.

  7. On my days that don't end soon enough our routine is get dressed, brush teeth, say prayers, kisses and hugs. On all other nights we read a chapter from our book (currently the Little House series)and also a little wrestling with daddy is a nice finishing touch.

  8. dinner, bath, book, scriptures, prayers, bed, tv, an occassional blog post. not tv or blog post for the pork loin, tv and blog for me:-) i know i know, i'm a reality tv junkie.