Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stand By My Man

Wednesday I talked with my dear friend from Mesa. We talked about many things women do but came back to the tried and true subject of kids. I told her that just the previous night I had realized we had had two or three really great weeks with very little problems.

Well I must have forgotten to knock on wood, as Thursday everything turned upside down. Constant squabbles, no one listening, tempers lost, you get the idea. So I made it through Thursday ready to try and start anew on Friday, it was a better day, barely. I took solace and comfort in one thought, it was Friday! Friday in our house means going out to dinner (i.e. no cooking, no dishes, no kids complaining they don't like what I made) and the beginning of the weekend and lots of time with Dad!

4:00 PM rolled around. Maybe, I wished and hoped, Eric will be able to get out early today. 5:00 PM came, I got a text, never a good sign at this time of night. It would be another 25-40 minutes the text informed me. Then it began, "when is Daddy going to be home?" 6:00 PM came, this time I got a call... Eric really had to get some things done, the choices were stay another half hour and get them done or have to go in on Saturday. We chose the first, as really who wants to work on Saturday?

So it is 6:00, I had to be somewhere at 7:00, no time for eating out. I had nothing planned for dinner, we are out of frozen pizzas, what should I do? I then fed my kids a nutritious meal of corn dogs, cream cheese on crackers with slices of Salami, oh and a can of pears to help balance our nutritious meal. Hey the meal fit my mood perfectly.

Now I had a dilemma. I knew Eric wanted to be home just as much as we wanted him home. So, do I get upset and angry because I had two horrible days and now the night was ruined? I was tempted to, trust me. But after almost eight years of marriage I have learned a few things. I could be mad for something he wasn't happy about either and ruin our whole evening or I could buck up, support my man and move on.

I chose the later and I am glad I did! Now I don't have to spend the whole next day trying to make-up and trying to get out of this slump. I am just trying to make it, One Day at a Time.
Over 4 years ago, right after Lucas was born.. in love then, in love now


  1. Sounds like you needed a Calgon moment. hehe. You rock for taking the high road. After nearly 16 years of marriage not so sure I would have. Haha.

  2. Way to go Emily! I need to learn how to do that better!

  3. It is true my wife is a truly remarkable woman. I love you Emmy! You are the best!