Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ten Things

It isn't the end of the month yet... but maybe I really want it to be and maybe I just really need to remember the good things to get out of this funk...

So here are 10 Things to Smile About This Month

1. Easter, Easter eggs, chocolate, Jesus Christ lives!2.Finding Lucas Upstairs practicing writing all on his own,
no persuasion or chocolate needed

3.Weather that I can go outside in every day
4.Beautiful choir music and a choir director
who helps us sound so good

5. Actually going on a date with my hubby even if it was
to a action car-chase movie

6. Family Visiting
7. The fact that no one was sick this month

8. Ice Cream Towers! And licking your bowl clean

9. Alex discovering that Lucas' ear folds in half

10. Spring flowers everywhere!


  1. My Mom and I do a similar thing to this, but every night. Three things we are grateful for and three things we thought were good that day. It's really hard to do when you had a lousy day or are in a "funk" but it puts a bright spot on the day. Hope you are having a better day today.

  2. Definitely lots of good things to be happy about. And wow, that is A LOT of ice cream! ;) xoxo

  3. Look at that ice cream tower. Wow!

    These are great things to be thankful for/happy about. Nice list!

  4. Yay! I love the ice cream towers! That rocks my world.

  5. your kids are adorable! it sounds like you're having a pretty nice april so far! :)