Friday, May 15, 2009

Advanced Math

Have you heard the jingle bells coming down the street?
sometimes it is music

I am talking about the ice cream truck.
Growing up we rarely bought from the ice cream man
"It's such a rip-off" my mom would inform us
and well she's right
but there was just something so magical
about buying a delicious treat from the ice-cream man.

We were outside at my parents
then we heard the music!

Should we?

We did!

I was recovering from a migraine so I bowed out
three jumbo icecream sandwhiches at $1.75 each

Eric handed the man $6.00 knowing he would get change
"How did you know how much they cost?" the man questioned
"Well it says how much they cost right here so I did the math"

Following is an exact quote:
"You are the first one to figure that out.
Everyone always ask how much they owe!"

It's that advanced math
it is tricky sometimes!

Eric ate his all gone!


  1. Yes, but can he diaper a baby while helping two kids with homework and don't forget the phone is ringing.

  2. That is fun. Sometimes rip offs are totally worth it!

  3. he came on dang sunday last week. what ice cream truck goes through utah on sunday? punisher, that's what we've named him. of course, if he comes on monday-sat i'll immediately forigve him and buy something then;-)

  4. He's been circling our neighborhood lately. I ALWAYS say no. But maybe someday ...

  5. hahaha! cute! looks like you got yourself a smart husband. :)

    i always loved the ice cream truck growing up...still do actually. we were never allowed to buy any if we were at home, but if the truck came and we were at the park, my mom would let us have some (popsicles only though; no ice cream). she didn't like us having lots of sweets, and, as a result, i am now a 27 year old sugar addict. :)