Sunday, May 17, 2009

backwards, sideways and inside out

"No Mommy, my do it!"
I hear this a lot lately from my two-year-old.

I heard this the other day when she insisted
on putting her own underwear on by herself.

It was inside out
I pleaded to fix it for her before she put it on by herself.

She wouldn't hear of it
She told me to leave.

I left.
I came back when she was whining.

She got it on all right
it was inside out
it was backwards
and it was sideways!

How she managed that I am not sure

I wanted to laugh but then the twenty minute fit began
she didn't want me to change it but it was hurting her
and she still insisted on doing it herself

ahhh two-year-olds

hard to imagine this face
could cause so much trouble...
or is it?


  1. It's the cute ones you have to look out for.

  2. Awwwwwww! Sweet face indeed! That's just funny. And frustrating . . . especially if you're actually in a hurry to go somewhere!

  3. Now that requires talent! She is a QT though.

  4. I love that she says "my do it" So cute!!!

    My almost 12 year old was notorious for getting everything insideout and backwards. All the time. But he wouldn't ever change it. I finally decided it wasn't worth the fight. So he went to school a couple times like that and guess what??? After that, he started taking my cues to turn his shirt, etc around. Sometimes peer pressure can be a good thing!


  5. Yep. My six-year-old still gets them on backward and inside-out. But, your little girl looks like and angel. Too precious.

  6. I know I can't imagine that face causing trouble, haha, she's SO cute!!

    I was the EXACT same way! So i can only imagine what I'm in for!

    That is such a funny post, thanks for sharing!