Monday, May 18, 2009

What would you...

What would you spend $2300.00 on? I can think of a few things. The responsible response, paying off bills. The fun response a new TV complete with sound system and lots of new DVDS. Or how about a new couch and dinning room set. I know if I shop responsibly I might be able to get both for that amount. Hmmm.. the possibilities.

Or I could spend it on one meal. Yep, you read that right. I know a man who was visiting California along with three colleagues. His colleagues called him up and said join us for dinner. When he arrived they had already finished off a couple of bottles of champagne and ordered several appetizers. Then they were ready to order the food, the meat they ordered ran just $28 an ounce!!! They ordered it in pounds. The man I know doesn't drink, so he ate his food and sipped his club soda. Then it was time for the bill, $2300!!! One of the colleagues also said, make sure you give the waitress a fair tip of $500!

All I know is if I am ever going to become a waitress, I know where I am applying.


  1. That's unbelievable! I thought stuff like that only existed in the movies. Good grief. I will apply with you.

  2. Reminds me of expensive dinners when we lived in NYC.. as the only non drinkers we were always a little concerned at how to split the bill at the end...? Often they would go.. oh 50/50 is fine right?? As we spit out our diet coke!

  3. It's living like this that has ruined this country. It makes me fume inside when I read about the $23,000 hamburger or the $12,000 ice cream sunday that's covered in actual gold. Ack!

  4. WOW! Poor guy needs a bailout just for his dinner bill --

    Can I just say that those collegues were J.E.R.K.S.

    Holy. Cow.

  5. Kathy, the guys company did cover the bill as it was a company trip.. but he was not happy having to approach his boss and tell him what the bill is to say the least.

    Carissa, you are right 50/50 is hardly ever fair as there is someone that always takes advantage of this and orders something really expensive and expensive drinks to go along with it.