Friday, June 5, 2009

Driving Blind

I wear contacts. I can't see things far away without them. I can't even see the TV clearly from the couch without them. Yesterday we had several errands we needed to run. We all got ready and then the kids and I played for a while; to help me get rid of the I'm going to make you just run around shopping all day with me guilt. Next thing I knew it was 10:20 and we had three stores to hit before lunch. So we packed up and hurried off. As soon as we left my subdivision I realized my mistake; I had not put my contacts in. How did I not realize this sooner you might ask? Well you know, I am not quite sure.

The kids were both loaded in the car, it was late and I have made the trips I was about to make many times so I decided to keep going. About two minutes into the trip I see something ahead. There was definitely some flashing lights. It looked like lots of flashing lights and it looked like they were blocking the road! What are the chances, I muttered. Sure enough there was an accident which I saw once I got nice and close; but we were able to get around it and continue on our way. I was beginning to question the intelligence of my decision to have not turned around. But we drove on and we arrived at Walmart, our first destination, safely.

We only needed a few things; diapers, kids toothpaste and well something that even after eight years of marriage I am still a bit embarrassed to buy. Not really sure why, maybe since I look so young (read about that here), maybe because it is so private-but well now here I go blogging about it... I get to the correct section and there are probably about ten guys shelving and rearranging everything! Half of the toothpaste is one isle, the rest is in another; they are totally reorganizing the store. I casually push my cart down the end of the rows searching for the last item on my list. Trouble is I can only see about halfway down the rows then everything becomes a blur. The signs listing what is on the rows, which are all a blur anyway, are completely wrong as everything is now in a different place!

"Here's what we need." Lucas says pointing to shampoo. "Nope, that's not it" I mutter. "Here's what we need" he says pointing to a toothbrush. "Not that either." I plead in my mind for this game to end before I find what I am looking for as I am not ready with those answers yet. This game goes on for a few minutes all the while I am desperately searching while trying to not appear like I am looking, as the last thing I want is one of the friendly stocking guys to ask me what I am looking for. I am just about ready to give up. I head off to a different section in one last ditch effort and eureka! I found what I need.

All right, we're done! I get out my standard checkout-line lollipops for my kids, hey whatever works. We successfully pay and are happy to be done with our Walmart trip. Oh and the security gates beeped on our way out. Next time I'm going to put my contacts in.
My day just a little out of focus
{picture taken by my two-year-old}


  1. I can only imagine that it must have been like having your eyes dilated. I only need my glasses for close work. I don't wear them when I go out. But if I want to read a label I am in trouble. Next remember your eyes!

  2. How funny! I can only imagine if the stocker guy asked you and then Lucas had asked and boy what a mess. Glad you made it safely even though you were blind.

  3. I would die without my contacts (or glasses if it came to that)! Glad you survived!!

  4. WOAH yikes sounds kinda scary

  5. Ok That is funny!!
    I was waiting for you to say that the stocker boys heard your little game with Lucas and tried to come to your rescue and help you out.
    At least they let you do that one on your own, eh?

  6. I can't get out the door without my contacts.

    I make my husband get those certain things we need that we won't say what they are...LOL