Saturday, June 6, 2009

The correct exposure

I am a photographer at heart,
someday I hope to be by profession

for now I just practice and try to learn along the way.

When my kids are in school I would love to take some classes;
for now I just check out books at the library.

I am currently reading
Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson.

I had gotten lazy in my photography
(read: let the camera do all the work)

but after reading this I have been inspired again
to find the "correct creative exposure"

This picture is close to the "correct" exposure
(though it is a little underexposed)

But how much more interesting/beautiful is this "overexposed" picture

I LOVE the idea of the "correct creative exposure"

Both pictures are as is, no photo shop involved here.
click on pictures to see larger to fully see the difference


  1. That is amazing! Love the second picture. And why wait until your kids are in school to take classes? There are lots of evening classes available for photography around. You should look into it if it's really what you're interested in. That's how my dad got started when we were little.

  2. I want to take classes someday too. Let's dream we can take them together! ;) You have cute pratice subjects too.

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  4. Isn't it cool!? I have become a fan over a little over-exposure!

  5. i love using picasa to glam up my shots. the sharpen and glow features are my favorites. there's something about getting the perfect shot that keeps my camera right by my side. however, i'm too lazy to take a class or read a book. you are an inspiration!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Em, I too love Picasa. Though sometimes I swear my pictures seem to disappear and go into weird folders in there. But it does have some great touch up/ and affect tools

  7. I love photography as well. Love that second picture.

  8. Great example. The second shot has so much more feeling and warmth. I bet your photography dream will come true faster than you think.

  9. Very interesting. I do have a comment about the first versus second picture.

    For what you were trying to portray, the second picture is so much more interesting, but the first pciture says something else. Looking at Lucas's expression, the first pciture seems to fit his expression and convey a saddness (probably actually longing because he can't jump in and swim and just has to look at the water).

    Both good pcitures and the exposure does totally change the mood of the picture. So don't always go for uping the exposure, look for the exposure that fits the mood you are trying to portray.

    I say that because when saw the first picture before reading the post or seeing the second, the first picture evoked an emotioanl response, a bit of sadness because it was dark and dreary and Lucas didn't seem happy.

    The second, a happier emotion.

    Anyway, just a bit of analysis. Good pictures. I am sure you will be able to do good with a camera and make it say what you want it to say.

  10. Aaron, that is a good point. That is why I do usually take LOTS of pictures and try different things and I keep almost all of my pictures :)
    Good thing Eric upgraded our memory to a 1 1/2 Terra bites!

  11. I liked them both. The under exposed seems moody while the over exposed is so bright and full of light/life. It's really quite interesting.