Sunday, June 7, 2009

Have a Good Sunday Everyone!


  1. i feel the same way about what you said on my post today. even though i don't have any other children to compare experiences with, i am so glad i learned to struggle with a challenge first. it made me such a stronger mother. it brought so much confidence to me to be able to learn how to help him. he is such a dream now!!! thankfully, i had a sister in law that stood by me, literally holding me down so i wouldn't go into the room while he was learning to soothe himself to sleep for nap times. it was the best thing we ever taught him! we had such a hard time getting pregnant with him, which i am very grateful for b/c i never resented him for being colic-ie. i had waited two years to get him (short in the world of fertility, but still, very emotional and exhausting) so i felt very patient with him. it was very draining and i felt completely incapable of motherhood for the first few months, but once we got the napping under control and i understood why he was crying and for what things got much easier. it was very empowering for me:-) does this mean my next will be an effortless sleeper????

    saw that one of your favorite books is "these is my words!" that was our book club pick for april/may. you should go back a week in my posts to see the discussion! hope you are reading with us this month too: "angels and demons", lovin it;-)

    i didn't have an email address for you, so a long comment is what you get;-)
    love em