Monday, June 8, 2009


Lucas gave his first talk in primary yesterday. He has been asked to say the prayer and scripture in the past; but well those times didn't go so well. The first time he got up he just stood there looked shy and eventually Eric said it; at which point Lucas completely freaked out as he wanted to say it. The second time he got up, he started to say the scripture and then he reached up and grabbed the microphone, it squealed and well that was the end of him saying the scripture.

So needless to say we were a little terrified nervous to see how this time would go. I was especially nervous as I have recently been called into the Primary presidency and I would be giving my first sharing time immediately after his talk (Oh plus I was conducting for the first time!)

So we practiced during the week, we even went over to the church and practiced at the microphone in the primary room. He would say it, while being silly and practically dancing so we had no idea what we were in for.

Sunday morning rolled around. Lucas asked to say family prayer before church. He prayed that he would not be nervous for his talk. I prayed to! It was time. He got up and Success!! He said it so perfectly, no silliness, no shyness, no dancing involved! It was a very proud mommy moment!

I said a quick prayer of gratitude and had a good moment were I remembered that things will get better. A lot of the problems/trouble that we deal with, as he continues to grow and mature these problems will pass. Then we'll just get a whole new set of problems like him telling potty jokes with his friends and doing other things little boys do.

Life is good.


  1. I am so happy to hear that! Good job Lucas!!! Ethan hasn't been asked to do a thing yet . . .

  2. Yes, there are all sorts of problems. You just learn as you go.

  3. Conducting, a talk, AND sharing time! I would have been super nervous too. I'm glad things went well!

  4. What a great experience for him! And hooray for you being in the Primary presidency! I was the secretary for a few months before YW and I loved it. I'm sure you will be great.

  5. Woohoo! what a great exercise in faith, trust and getting'er done!

  6. That's great that he did a good job on his talk! Isn't it amazing that our kids learn at such an early age that they can pray to their Heavenly Father and he will help them? I had sharing time as well on Sunday. And even being the Primary President for a year now, I still get a little nervous conducting (not sure why). I bet you did great!