Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rockstar Dinner!

[Conversation in my head]

Dang it's dinner time again? Hmm what to make for dinner?
Man you would think I do this enough that I would know what to make.
Maybe it is because I do it so much that I don't know.

[Rummaging through the fridge]

Arghh... hmm hot dogs.
hey I even have buns! It will seem like I planned this meal.

What else.. what else....
Rice A Roni!
Quick easy, the kids like it.

Ummm, what I really want is a chili dog
Hey I have chili! Oh and cheese too!

Wow, chili cheese dogs, Rice A Roni
and throw in some crinkle cut carrots (Lucas favorite)

Hey not bad, not bad.. oh and let's make some Kool-Aid for fun.

Lucas: "Mom, thanks for the rockstar dinner!"


  1. That IS a rockstar dinner. Any kind of dinner where our kids are excited to eat the food is worth it!

  2. Wow! I should try that dinner. It's not often that my kids call dinner a "rockstar dinner".

  3. Man, when your kids say stuff like that, it makes it all worth it! So cute!

  4. You are the rockstar. Awesome improvising!!

  5. Shelley fed the kids hot dogs yesterday for lunch. She told me that when she was getting ready to nuke them, she asked everyone how many they wanted.

    The debate is always between each kids wanting 1 or 2. Lauren (she is 5 for those of you who do not know me) said, I want 3 or 4! Kids are nuts sometimes. Shelley had to tell her no, she coudl have 2.

    The dinner, chilli cheese dogs, I want one now!

  6. I meal fit for kings and queens!

  7. so cute. i love topping our dogs with lots of stuff. it makes it much more fun;-)