Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Souvenirs (Vegas Part 2)

We were having a wonderful weekend in Vegas. As soon as Lucas woke up on Saturday he asked what day it was. When I told him July 4th he said "we get to see fireworks tonight!" We had debated whether we were going to go see them as we had just seen some last week in our home town and my sister-in-law wanted to get her kids to bed. But his excitement meant we had to go. When my mother-in-law was at the store the cashier told her about a park to head to to watch the fireworks.

So that evening my family and Todd and Rachel (brother and sister-in-law) headed to the park.. or well we tried to head to the park. We could never find this supposed park. We saw a few other families parked at the end of a road waiting to watch fireworks so we did the same. Fireworks were shooting off all around us, all courtesy of the Las Vegas neighbors, but we wanted the big show. Finally it began and we decided our vantage point was really not good at all. So we jumped in the car and drove toward the strip, hoping to find a better place to see the fireworks. Well it ended up being a bust, both kids fell asleep in the car and we never got a good view.

So back to the condo. We put the kids in bed, clothes and all (it was 9:40 PM and both were out cold). About 3:30 AM I heard Lucas crying. I nudged Eric with my foot to go see what was wrong.

"Emily!" Eric yelled (if Eric ever calls me Emily instead of Emmy I feel like I am in trouble) "Get in here, Lucas is bleeding from his head!"

I ran into Lucas room, Eric was holding Lucas on his lap and Lucas' entire face and hands were covered with blood.

"What happened?" I stuttered. A million silly and ridiculous causes ran through my half asleep mind, including a blood vessel bursting in his head. (I know that wouldn't bleed out, but I was panicking and half asleep)

Eric told me he found Lucas sitting on the floor and so he must have fallen out of bed and bumped it on the dresser. I stood there dumbfounded. "Get some towels or something" Eric pleaded. I finally came to enough to be useful and ran and grabbed some towels.

We eventually got the bleeding to stop but we couldn't see how bad the cut was as it was up in his hair and caked with now dried blood. Eric felt like we should take him in, so Eric and his dad headed off to the ER. While Lucas was waiting to be seen he told Eric, "this is taking so long that I think my sleeping time will be over."

Finally, lots of scrubbing to clean up all the blood and some special glue (no stitches needed yeah!) and they made it back about 5:45 AM at which point Lucas was wide awake and ready to start the day.


  1. Wow, how scary to not be in your home or town and have to take a child to the ER. I'm glad he was okay and didn't need stitches. Whew!

  2. So glad Lucas was ok -- not knowing what happened is the worst part... My imagination always gets the best of me.

    Hope your next few days are realitively uneventful. :)

  3. His sleeping time, along with everyone else's, was over, huh. I'm glad he was okay, though.

  4. Oh the head bleeding stories I can tell, from tipped over chairs, parked cars and ceiling fans., I'm glad he is OK. Enjoy Vegas.

  5. I would have freaked out. And I would have been coming up with the worst case scenarios as well. I think it is a mothers right. I am glad he is all right.

  6. :O :O :O :O :O...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! you must have been FREAKED

  7. Head wounds are the worst! I am glad he is okay! I guess you don't have to get crazy in Vegas to come home with battle scars!

  8. That is SO scary. When I was 3 I cracked my head open on a glass coffee table.

    I'm so glad Lucas is ok!