Monday, July 6, 2009

What happens in Vegas (Part 1)

I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't gamble and I really am disgusted at larger than life pictures of scantily clad women; so why would I go to Vegas for the weekend?

Well it is a great half way point to meet up with family; my husband is a bit crazy and misses the Arizona heat, so Vegas makes a good weekend substitute; and the buffets! Have I ever told you how much I love buffets? Especially good ones with everything imaginable, heaven on earth to me!

So what does a non-drinking, non-gambling, group of people with four kids ages 4 and under do in Vegas?

We swim

We enjoy the beautiful buildings on the strip

We have fun with family

We visit the best building in Las Vegas--the Temple

We make homemade Ice cream!
My lovely sister-in-law taught us how
you can see her blog here.

We take home some lovely souvenirs
(more about this soon)


  1. Wow, a blog post about Vegas with photos of the temple and a guy wearing a BYU hat (I'm assuming he's the Mr Emmy), milk and swimming children. Awesome. Look forward to hearing about the bracelet on the little wrist there... hope all is ok.

  2. Better keep that seedy trip to Vegas quiet around church! Wouldn't want you to have to visit with the bishop! hahaha I love the Vegas temple! It is the best building there!

  3. ahhhhhh!! don't leave me hanging like that! we LOVE vegas too. fun places to go out to eat and warm weather to enjoy:-)

  4. I have only ever driven through Vegas on the way to Utah. Looks like you found lots to do, and got some surprises too!

  5. Vegas definitely fits into one of those love/hate relationships. We went there for our honeymoon and it was really fun to see Blue Man Group and go to the malls etc. plus the hotels are really nice. I'm glad you guys found fun things to do with your whole family:)

  6. It looks like a fun trip! I also love the Vegas Temple. But I'm dying to hear part 2!

  7. Shelley and I went to Vegas with some college friends a couple of years ago. We had a good time. Saw Blue Man Group, watch friends gamble and drink, walked around and saw a ton of stuff, went to the Star Trek live experience. It was a fun time.

    We had ice cream every day at least once.

  8. My brother lives in Vegas. We'll go there for little weekend trips and do nothing but eat at buffets the entire time.The Vegas strip isn't much fun when you're living on the straight and narrow.

  9. The first time we went to Vegas, about three years ago we saw Blue Man Group. It is definitely one of the best things there!