Monday, July 27, 2009

The Review: Utah Trip-Day 1 and 2

Last week we made our annual trip to Utah. Eric's parents, one of his sisters and a bunch of his cousins live there. My brother Chris and his family live there to. My kids did great in the car. I've got a great little video of our road trip that I am putting together.. but in all reality I probably won't get it done until next week.

When we go to Utah we know that we will have a full week. My mother-in-law even plans it down to the meals. It really does make it easier with so many little kids and people.

So with no further adieu, here is the start of our week in Utah.

Day 1- Sunday

Church with little kids who have been in the car the entire day before and are now with some of their favorite cousins.. is well interesting to put it nicely. But we survived

And then we had a wonderful evening with these cute kids.These are my brother Chris' two kids. We got to see their new house, have dinner and play Ticket to Ride the card game. Did you know Ticket to Ride came in a card version? I didn't, it was so much fun! Maybe even more fun that the original.

Day 2

On Monday we ventured to Donut Falls. It is so named because of the hole in the middle of the rock that the water pours down from. It was an easy hike, other wise it would have been nearly impossible with this group.
Eric's very tall mom and younger sister.

trying to wash Alex off, she always manages to get so dirty

And of course, since we went to Donut Falls, well we have to eat donuts!
Alex with one of Eric's Cousin's sons

Alex's smile is well deserved. These were some of the best donuts I have eaten in my life.
For all of my Utah friends I have two words Beyond Glazed. Ummm.. yummy glazed donuts with the BEST frosting! Flavors like, key-lime and blueberry... and let me tell you it tastes like the fruit! A bit pricey, but so worth it.

And what are donuts without milk!
My sister-in-law's son and Lucas' favorite playmate Ethan.

All smiles after good exercise, donuts and milk!

And after that, day 2 wasn't even over.. but more of day two in the next post.


  1. any doughnut is a good doughnut.

  2. I have never even heard of Donut Falls. Sounds really cool.

    And now, I'm lusting after those donuts. YUM!

  3. Beyond Glazed seems pretty similar to the cupcake shops. My daughter loves "asian donuts" and they are not found in Utah. Maybe this can fill her donut craving since she lives in Provo. I'll let you know the verdict.

  4. What's it like to be surrounded by so many TALL people?

    I've never heard of Donut Falls. I'm going to have to look that one up.

  5. Fiauna- At first it was really weird and I felt really short all of the time. I had a rule that I would only wear big shoes, heels, chunks.. when I was around Eric or his family.

    But now, I wear flip-flops with the best of them and they don't seem tall to me anymore.
    My perspective is all skewed now, anyone my height (5'5" up to 5'11" I think is my height) :)

  6. We went to do Donut Falls this weekend and went up the wrong canyon! Duh! How long have I lived here and how many times have I done that hike?? HELLO!

    I love the donuts idea! Genius!