Monday, July 27, 2009

The Review: Utah Trip Day 2 (cont)

Day 2

And after a long hike outside
there is nothing better then
playing in the pool

and eating Popsicles... while in the pool
and for even more fun dump water on daddy
again and againand again


  1. J O Y ! What fun! We miss you guys already!

  2. We miss you too! Oh and we have Ethan's firetruck shirt, we somehow ended up with both.

  3. I love seeing Daddies playing with kids.

  4. What a great sport he is! Dads are perfect for this kind of stuff.

  5. Nothing better than a daddy playing with the kids! I am refreshed just from looking at your pictures!

  6. OK -- I don't know your hubby or anything... but I am pretty sure he is screaming like a girl in that second to last picture. :)

    There are fewer things in life that bring such happiness to a child than playing with Daddy. That is Awesome!

    Your children are beautiful, by the way!

  7. Kathy--yeah he kind of was.. especially because Lucas kept insisting on getting water from the cold pool to dump on Eric's head :)

    He really is a great father, always plays with them like this.

  8. A good sport indeed! And what a hoot to see him in that little pool. Haha

  9. we love baby pools more than regular sized pools in our house:-)