Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Universe is Tilted!

Okay, I am feeling all messed up now.

Usually I publish my blog posts at 6:15 A.M.

Yes, I am up this early,
(I have an alarm clock named Alex)

No, I am not typing posts at this time
(they would never be coherent)

I usually type my post the day before while my kids are "napping"

then I schedule to publish.

But two days ago, I forgot to push publish!!

Yesterday, I was gone all day.
I was spending an entire day here with my husband.

When I got home I realized my mistake!
And published right then.. but that was 6:00 PM!!

So here is a mid-day post

And tomorrow I will be back to my usual 6:15 publishing..

ughh! I feel so Tipsy-Topsy!

When do you blog??


  1. I recently found your blog and am loving it! How funny that you always post at the same time! I generally write my post after my son has gone to bed for the night (while hubby is doing homework) and then publish it sometime early the next morning. That is when I can remember :)

  2. I was getting into a nice routine of writing the night before and setting the post for 7AM. Then drama kicked in and my schedule got out of whack. Now things seem calmer. Maybe I can get back to that routine. I liked it.

  3. Why don't you do what I do. I write my posts 5 days in advance and I tell blogger what day and what time to publish my posts. IT DOES IT AUTOMATICALLY. All my posts are set to publish at 3:00AM. So i never have to worry about missing a day. If somethign comes up I just have two posts in one day, but at least I always have new content

  4. I publish in schizo fashion. Any time. Any place. Any day.

    Reflects the chaos that is my life.

  5. I blog any time I can. During naps, after the kids are in bed, or while they are watching a movie...

  6. How fun you got to spend the whole day! I just blog whenever the muse strikes. Sometimes I schedule if there's a reason, but usually just whenever.

  7. I can totally relate, I have been blogging while I nurse but since I am only nursing at bedtime it really has changed things around, as no posts. Oh well they will come, some time.

  8. LOL hon...I have done that a few times!! I have a packed day..between artwork, online listing, managing a couple of sites and a housefull of preschoolers..not to mention my own...I post as early in the am as possible. I usually get up at 5am just to get it all done. I try to pop in and post comments through out the day as I have a minute here and there!!! Hugs, Sarah

  9. I can't seem to figure out how to schedule a post . . . help please. Although, what is the benefit of doing it like that? Why don't you just publish it right after you write it? Mine are usually posted during naps.

  10. I do schedule posts whenever I can find time to write in advance (hardly ever!!) I most often write at night after the kids are in bed and schedule to post my following day's post after 3 AM. Whatever works for you is probably right, but it's no good to feel tilted. BEEN THERE, Friend!!!

    For Rachel above, go into your new post and click on post options. You can choose day and time for post and then click post now (vs. save). It will then be scheduled to post on the scheduled date and time. Happy Blogging :)

  11. At night. While children are sleeping. Only possible time. . .

  12. Look for an Elder Custer soon. He is just entering MTC and will be in California soon...I think San Fransisco Mission? I have no idea where you are or anything about California...but I know he will get to attend that temple. Although I don't think he will be close enough to do it all the time. I know that is extreamly vague! Sorry. I am in Primary Pres with his mom. She is having a hard time with him leaving. If you happen to run into him...take him under your wing...he is a good boy!