Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reflections: Photography Challenge

Mamma Christine has a monthly photo challenge, this time it was reflection pictures. As soon as I saw this topic I knew what pictures I had to chose as I was able to take pictures at a photographers dream, the metal bean.
This sculpture is in downtown Chicago and when we visited my family in May we had to go see it. As with any reflection picture, no flashes allowed (well maybe one directed straight up would work), but here are some of my favorite reflections.. sorry so many I just couldn't narrow it down.Picture 1: I like this one as it shows what my kids thought was so funny to do, walk into the bean. But this picture is too dark, the back light made it dark.. and you can't use a flash with the bean, unless you wants light spots in every picture. So cute picture, but ruined a bit by the back light.

Picture 2: I was able to resolve most of the back lighting issue by getting in close and making sure there wasn't any back light. And how fun is this!

Picture 3: Is very similar to 2, but I got a little more behind my son (less back light this way too) and it just makes for a fun effect as his face can only be seen in the reflection. I wish I would have had him move over a few feet to get away from the black light on the ground. It is so easy to miss the little things when taking a picture.

Picture 4: I like this one as it shows me at work, my family, including my parents and little sister and the city skyline. And I LOVE the top where the bean just almost blends into the sky.

Picture 5: This was one of my favorites, I just love the distance between Alex and her reflection and the fact that it looks like she is standing upside-down. It is just fun.

Picture 6: And one last one, this one is reflection only. We are both looking towards the top of the bean. Don't know what I would improve about this one, just love it.

So thanks Mamma Christine for the fun chance to share some photos and I welcome any critique and comments.


  1. All of them are great pictures. I really like the one with Alex on the ground. It looks really cool.

  2. #4 hands down the best one. The others are good. But that one is wonderful.

  3. Wow those are amazing. I can only hope one day to see that and be able to take photos near it.

  4. i love reflection pictures. i have a few that i took at hogle zoo with the stone ball waterfall. they are some of my favs:-)

  5. Those turned out great! Pics 3 and 6 are my faves.

  6. I love these pictures! I can't decide which one I like best. Probably the one that is you and Alex. I plan to participate in the next one.

  7. That is really cool! You got some great picts:)

  8. That's one of the coolest things I have ever seen!

  9. How did I miss the bean in all my trips to Chicago!? Okay I've only been there four or five times, but still!

    Great pictures, I'm going to have to agree #4 is my favorite, and the next one with you and your little girl just the reflection is a close second.

    Do you shoot in RAW? You can often correct a small underexposure like the one you were sad about in the first picture pretty easily with RAW. In fact, sometimes I will intentionally underexpose a bit to get a faster shutter speed knowing my RAW format will allow me to fix it later.

  10. These are so cool! You are amazing!