Friday, October 30, 2009

Ten Things

Is it just me or does the beginning of this month seem like it was forever ago? It was a great month, just really really busy which is probably why it doesn't seem possible for it to all be in one month.

Ten Things To Smile About This Month

1. It's fall!! Decorations, cooler weather, Halloween, CANDY!
2. One of my best friends and her family came from Arizona to visit us

3. The beginning of Time for Tots Day
i.e. actually trying to be creative and spend real time with my kids

4. Our trip to zoo--and well I will let the picture speak for itself
5. Birthdays! Birthdays! Birthdays!
6. Being able to do TWO family photo shoots this month
on my portfolio now--

7. General Conference and Stake Conference for my church--talk about spiritual boost this month

8. Going to a BYU football game!!

9. The fact that even thought I don't do nearly enough, my Heavenly Father still shows his love and grace for me.

10. Making it to the beach one more time this year--and it was in the 80's!

As always-you can see previous lists here.

Hope it was a great month for you too!


  1. Love that list. Wasn't General Conference wonderful this year. I mean it always is, but this year seemed especially great.

  2. October is one of my favorite months. Lots to be grateful for. Beautiful weather, the fall leaves, my son's birthday...

    Beautiful images.

  3. Awww, what special moments to celebrate!

  4. oh my gosh, the hippos!!! shield my eyes!!!!!

  5. Are those two hippos doing what I think they are doing?

    Oh, and was that your immediate thought right before you took that picture? :)

    Great post!

  6. Great 10 things i love the baby feet pic. Thanks for starting time for tots and the great ideas.

  7. It was a good month for you. I have a present for you BTW. I will bring it next time I see ya.

  8. I want to go to the beach!!!!!!

    Beautiful photo of the feet. I love feet. Especially baby feet. Oh I just want to eat them for breakfast.

    What a month.

  9. October is one of my favourite months...Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness! At least here in England it is!
    This whole year has just gone by so fast!
    Loved the photo of the baby feet, but the comment about eating them for breakfast, well, it made me look at them in a different light! LOL!!!

  10. Your pictures are stunning! Loved all of it!

  11. Emmy, thanks for following my blog and leaving such nice comments. It really makes my day. =)

    Your blog is so cute and I love the little poem in the header. You make being a mommy sound so fun! I hope to have as much fun with my kids one day...when we have one. =)

  12. Ok, #9 was my favorite but the Hippo one....Well, it made my day! lol

  13. again i say you are my hero. what a great way to celebrate this wonderful month and those darling kiddos of yours.

  14. Such a fun month!

    Just out of curiosity, what beach was that?

  15. Yes this month flew by! I am so jealous of your warm weather! It feels like Christmas in Utah already!

  16. It seems like October should have ended about three months ago and we should be celebrating New Years...that's how long October was for me. So glad to be getting back into the swing of things and returning to visit your blog more often. Thanks for always me leaving such lovely messages.

  17. What a great list!!! Hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween!!

    Found you from Sitsa!!

  18. It is so good to hear someone talk about happy things like this! yay! This post made me smile!

  19. Question: When you shot the baby feet, did you have a black sheet for the background? I want to do something like that with my baby and I'm trying to figure it out...

  20. Oh Emmy that was beautiful!! what a wonderful Meme..just loved every one!! Giggle.. the hippos..well enough said..giggle. Wonderful hon!! Hugs, Sarah