Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time For Tots: Spooktacular Day

Last week we decided to get into this Holiday season and had a spooktacular time during on Time for Tots day.

Bingo is always fun, but Halloween Bingo is even better!
The kids really had fun with this and wanted to play again and again.

Our next activity not only was fun, but involved learning in the process
(always makes me feel like such a good mom)

Counting the dashes on the jack-o-lantern mouths and writing numbers in the stems
Alex mostly had fun drawing the faces.

Painting Time!

This was the first time Lucas used the big sponge brush and loved it!

He wanted to use it more so he asked for paper and made this all on his own.
And finally our sticker pumpkins.
No glue required for these guys, just peel and stick!

It came with glitter glue, which Lucas is in love with.

It was a great day!
We had fun getting ready for Halloween.

  • You can find the free bingo cards here. (
  • Pumpkin Math Sheets found here on This site has SO many great ideas and resources for just about anything.
  • Wood Pumpkins bought at Michaels or JoAnn's for $1 each
  • Pumpkin Deco Kit purchased at Walmart for $5.00--no glue required!


  1. You have to love walmart!! THose pumpkins all look so cute! I want to make the glitter ones. Who doesn't love glitter.

  2. I love that you do Time for Tots! I am going to have to start doing mine on Wednesdays so I can copy you. You have such wonderful ideas and your kids look like they have a blast. And really, who wouldn't love glitter glue?

  3. Great ideas! Even as an adult, I love playing bingo! Lucas did a fabulous pumpkin!

  4. Way cute i need to do pumpkins with my kids.

  5. Ooooh, I totally want to do Halloween bingo. E is traveling this weekend and I want to do something fun with the kiddos. Cute ideas, Emmy! Thank you!

  6. I have that same pumpkin foam kit... I need to get it out after lunch and let the boys decorate.

    thanks for the links to the bingo cards!

  7. those are some really cute idea. Thank you for post them.

  8. I so need to do stuff like this. Thanks for being inspiring!

  9. Oooh this looks like great fun, thanks for sharing!!

  10. I saw the one on the fridge. I thought he had made it in pre-school. Should have known it was you. Did I tell you we made the ducks??? He had a blast.

  11. Such cute ideas...

    I'm feeling really guilty for not doing more of this stuff with my childcare - but they are (2) 2 and 1, it's just so hard for them to actually 'do' the project and me not 'do' the project for them.

    Get what I'm saying?

    So adorable!

  12. What fun activities! I'll have to make Fridays my "activity day" since it's the only day I don't have school. I'm going to bookmark all of your ideas so I'll have a great reference!

  13. Just checking out your blog for the first time today - love your pictures!