Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Confessional

My blogging friend Melissa at Glamazon Mormon Mom has recently started a little thing called Friday Confessional. And well she is hilarious and I love reading her blog, so figured I would play along this week too.

So here are a few things you probably don't know, and maybe shouldn't know about me.
  • You will never want to pick me for your partner in any game that you need to know pop culture-- I probably won't even know the names of the artists/actors from the shows I like.. let alone anyone else
  • I find showering a necessary evil--but usually do enjoy it once I am in
  • I rarely paint my toenails and if I do.. the polish is usually on until it grows out
  • Some days I use blogging and Internet as way too much of an excuse to ignore my kids--but hey at least while I am typing this my kids are down for quiet time so I am not ignoring them now
  • I really like BYU football and all of my Apple products.. in fact any time I hear of anyone having trouble with their PC's crashing I might secretly laugh and think "if only they had a Mac"-- and my husband thinks I am totally hot because of this
  • And speaking of Apple Products I really want an iPad--even if I still am not sure about the name
  • I enjoy being pregnant but hate the stage I am in right now.. regular clothes too small, maternity clothes look like I am a whale. In some ways I am ready to just be really big as everyone is super kind to you when you are... but I know I will be so done with it when I am.
So there you go, click on the button above to head over and read some more great confessions, and join in.. you know you want to!

And tomorrow come back for the last recipe from this month! And if you have made any of the dishes, get your reviews into me before the 10th of February.


  1. I am the same way about showers!

    Not so much about BYU though...;)

  2. Speaking of nail polish....My toes are in desperate need of some.

  3. I am the same way about my showers too.

    I want the ipad too :)

  4. Maybe the next game we can be partners and we'll balance each other out-I know it all! I'm a well of useless knowledge! ;)

  5. You don't want me as partner in any type of trivia game. Unless it's related to Greys Anatomy. LOL

  6. That was a fun list, Em! I did one of my own on my blog!

  7. and they are super kind when you are big, and i am super ready to be done with it now.

  8. Cute list!

    Found you on Friday Follow!

    My daughter's name is Emersyn, but we call her Emme..Love your name!


  9. I'm a Friday Follower just stopping by to ssy hi.

  10. Do you know how happy I am to hear of somebody else who can't remember pop culture facts? I lose Trivial Pursuit every time I play!

    I paint my toenails occasionally and JUST like you, it wears off and grows out in a most becoming way. ;)

  11. Hi! I signed up to be your Friday Follower! Cute blog & kids! :) <><

  12. I will be your partner in games that revolve around pop culture. I am good at it. Probably from watching WAY too much TV. And have this freakish ability to retain USELESS information. ;)

    I love my shower time. A person can think in there.

    We are not ignoring our kids, we are simply encouraging them to play without our help.

    I am getting tech savvy. I can do things Rich can't. This intrigues him.

    I hate the stage you are in too. Nothing fits! Blah! But that will change in a week or two.

  13. We are big Apple geeks at my house too. My husband and I were actually up late the other night watching Steve Job's Keynote for the iPad... and I want one too!

  14. I had to laugh at your toenails. I still have some polish that my youngest painted in August still trying to work it's way off. It's a very pretty pink color. Or it was when she first put it on.
    Love the confessional!
    And thanks for stopping by today!

  15. "in fact any time I hear of anyone having trouble with their PC's crashing I might secretly laugh and think 'if only they had a Mac'-- and my husband thinks I am totally hot because of this". SO funny and accurate for our house too!!
    I won't admit to all of the other things I found we have in common, but just know that I really enjoyed this post :-)

  16. I hate the "I don't look pregnant, I just look fat" stage. Hate it, hate it, hate it.