Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ten Things

Ten Things To Smile About This Month

1. Lots and lots of rain and rainy day pictures (a change in California)
2. Finding out #3 is a boy

3. The Cooking Club starting up again--i.e. I actually cooked some good food this month

4. Playing games with the family

5. I won a gift certificate towards a blog makeover!! Big changes coming!!

6. Alex loves being a Sunbeam and actually sat still last Sunday

7. The rain finally going away
8. My cold finally going away so I could breath again!

9. My girly girl who wants me to paint her nails and put curlers in her hair

10. Food raining from the sky

Hope it was a great month for you!

You can see previous lists here.


  1. What a great list, as always. I love you optimistic approach to life. It is so refreshing.

  2. I agree with Amy! And your last picture is cool--is that done with photoshop? (Or was food really falling from the sky....just kidding.) I loved the rain but am glad to be back to clear skies (and your photo of that is great).

  3. The rain left you and headed my way. It's been a soft drizzle all morning, but the nice, relaxing kind. I'm still in my pajama pants, sipping hot tea. Love the first picture, I've always loved black and whites or sepia tones.

  4. That rollers photo is just the best! Love it! And what a happy list. Thanks for the smile.

  5. So many things to be happy for and you highlight them beautifully, Emmy.
    Yay boy, by the way!

  6. What a great month! Can you believe that January is almost over!
    I saw the first snowdrops yesterday, just when I didn't have my camera with me!
    February is only a short month anyway, so roll on the Summer!

  7. Quite a list! That last picture cracks me up. And congrats on a boy!!!!

  8. cheat...#2 finding out #3 is a boy! HAHAHAHA! I can't wait to see the new look.

  9. You are too cute. Love the photos...

    Congrats on the boy... and the blog makeover! Can I say I am jealous??

    Can't wait to see it... will it be on WP?

  10. So much to smile about

  11. Lucky! Food falling from the sky! Those are ten great things... they gave me a smile as well.

  12. I don't think I've ever seen that picture of Alex with the curlers in her hair! What a beautiful Face that girl has!!!

  13. LOl love th burgers falling..can you send that up this way please!!
    So the new kiddo is a boy!! Whoot! How are ya feeling hon?? I only had one boy out of five and the only one I had any nausea!! So as it is a boy...please send me your address so I can send a treat your way....
    email me at!
    Hugs to you hon!! Love, Sarah

  14. Ha! Love the curlers and the burgers.

  15. Earlier this week I was like, "Wow January is almost over!" Then I noticed it was the 25th and I was like, "But I can't believe Christmas was only last month!" It goes by so fast and seems like it took forever all at the same time.

  16. Oh ... I loved this so much! Your photos are always so great and I love your "cloudy with a chance of hamburgers" photo. How fun!!!

    Can't wait to see your new blog look.

  17. So cute! I love when you do these!

  18. Fun list! I love the curlers in her hair.

    I actually got tagged for post like this just recently. Thanks for the reminder that I still need to write it! :)