Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Someone, Thanks a Lot!

Today I am linking up with two great memes, The Daily Dribbles -Thanks a Lot Thursdays and also with Shortmama's Letters to Someone, as this week my letters are full of many "thanks".

Dear Lady in line in front of us-

First let me just say, good morning? How are you? Are you having a good day? Did you notice the 5 people in line behind you, including the very pregnant lady with a toddler when you asked the cashier to rescan your entire order because you thought the price was wrong??? If you have that big of a stick up your butt are that concerned about your order being right, you can watch that big screen they have facing you that shows the cost of each item WHILE she is scanning it the first time; just a little hint for next time.
And you know, you are very very lucky my little angel was being just that as otherwise this big pregnant mama would not have been silent.

The pregnant mama you are lucky was in a good mood

Dear Body-

The tearing, the pulling those painful little aches.. all part of my muscles being ripped apart as they try to expand for the baby growing in my body; I remember all of those from my first pregnancy. My wonderful tight little stomach was destroyed, but it was for a good cause so I didn't complain. During my second pregnancy, the path was already cleared ready for you to do your thing.

So the other day when I started feeling those little ripping, tearing feelings I did NOT like it. Come on, this is number three! Your path has been cleared twice now. Sure I am already as big as I was when Alex was born.. but seriously! I try to treat you well; I give you chocolate, I eat that extra cracker with cream cheese, I only occasionally send my kids upstairs to get something for me. So let's be friends.. no more ripping and tearing please!

The mom who doesn't want any more pain

Dear Drumsticks-
Yes, I did just buy two boxes of you. I do adore you, especially you without the nuts on top, thank you. But you know after I have this baby and after I fully recover; I fully intend to finally get my stomach back. So as much as I adore you, in a few months you are just going to need to get lost. Seriously, you tempt me too much.

The lady who wants her abs back


  1. Thanks for linking up!

    So, it's just as bad with #3 (the pain), huh? That sucks.

    I enjoyed pregnancy so much, only because I could basically eat whatever and not worry about it. Of course, I had to worry about it later!!

  2. LOL!! You're so funny. Especially loved the last one! ;D

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  3. thank you for the birthday wishes...that is very sweet of you!!!

  4. The general public. Sometimes I just want to hit them. ;)

  5. Really, someone really did that in line...yeah she should have [aid attention the first time. U firmly believe than in addition to the express line they need a difficult customer line...although difficult customers probably do not realize they are difficult.

  6. There is something wrong with people at grocery stores. That is funny. I hate pregnancy aches and pains. They are terrible!

  7. HAHA!! You're funny :) I'm glad you are one of my blog followers, because you are now one of mine! That's so cool that you do Time for Tots, when did you start doing that? Oh, and enjoy those Drumsticks while you still can!

  8. This TOTALLY made me laugh! I love it! And will someone tell me why I totally thought I was following your blog and in fact I really wasn't??? I'm a little disturbed about that.

    But it is now rectified.

    Got an award for ya over at mma -

  9. I hate it when people grouch about a couple of bucks. I mean really with a cart full of stuff how could she notice, and if she did, like you said why until they are done! I think people like that, do stuff like that on purpose.

    The drumsticks are sad. hahaha.

  10. Three kids and you want your abs back!!!??? : )

    Just kidding ... I'm sure you can do it.

  11. Grrrrrr! It is good you were in a good mood. If it were me, I don't know if that woman would be alive.

    Yeah. That's what customer service is for.

  12. Oh man I would give my left arm right now for a Drumstick!! So yummy!

  13. I am sooo in a mood for a Drumstick right now :)

    And I felt horribly guilty at the grocery store the other day when the checker tried for FIVE MINUTES to correct the price on something.

    Great TYVM post - glad to meet you from Kmama's!